YouTube Channels for All Nurses

If you want to learn more about nursing, get helpful tips about the profession, and find inspiration from real-life nurses, you may want to consider subscribing to nursing YouTube channels. The platform is a great place to find content, and there are channels for all types of nursing specialties.

YouTube offers an abundance of free content on diverse topics to viewers around the globe. Nursing channels may feature how-to and educational content, as well as tips for advancing your career.

YouTube is a great tool for aspiring and current nurses with more than 500 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This can make it challenging to find the nursing content you’re searching for. Our list will help.

Nursing YouTube Channels to Watch


Host: Varies

Description: The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses’ YouTube channel has more than 55k views and posts videos with critical care nursing tips and encouragement, conference keynotes, and more.

YouTube Channel: AACNTube

American Nurses Association

Host: Varies

Description: The American Nurses Association YouTube channel has more than 1 million views of videos on topics like nursing policy, motivation for nurses, interviews with nurses and nursing certifications.

YouTube Channel: American Nurses Association

Ashley Adkins, RN

Host: Ashley Adkins, RN

Description: Ashley Adkins has more than 5 million views on motivational nursing videos featuring nursing advice and tips, personal stories, how to afford nursing school, nursing resources and more.

YouTube Channel: Ashley Adkins, RN

Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

Host: Varies

Description: The Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists is made up of nurses, dieticians, pharmacists and other practitioners. Its YouTube channel has more than 50k views and features videos with board member interviews, diabetes care tips and telehealth information. 

YouTube Channel: Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

Choosing Nursing

Host: Chioma Okeke, RN

Description: Chioma Okeke provides tips on how to pass the NCLEX exam. Her videos have more than 174k views and cover topics such as nursing entrepreneurship, how to get into nursing school and motivation for nurses.

YouTube Channel: Choosing Nursing

Johnson & Johnson Nursing

Host: Varies

Description: The Johnson & Johnson Nursing channel, with nearly 1.5 million views, features interviews with nursing professionals on what it’s like to be a nurse in a variety of specialties. It also includes videos about health care innovation and how to become a registered nurse.

YouTube Channel: Johnson & Johnson Nursing

Kaynen Brown

Host: Kaynen Brown, RN

Description: Kaynen Brown is an emergency department registered nurse. His channel is dedicated to teaching nursing students what to expect in nursing school and after graduation, including topics like nursing school myths, what it’s like to work in the ER and how to get nursing jobs. His videos have nearly 1 million views.

YouTube Channel: Kaynen Brown

The Nomad Nurse

Host: Crosby Steen, MSN, RN

Description: Crosby Steen has more than 600k views on videos covering topics like nursing salaries, nursing specialties, travel nursing, NCLEX updates and more.

YouTube Channel: The Nomad Nurse

Nurse Bass

Host: Brad Bass, RN

Description: Brad Bass has more than 4 million views on his channel, sharing content like nursing school study tips, dosage calculations, nursing motivational content, and stories from the front lines of nursing as an ICU and OR nurse.

YouTube Channel: Nurse Bass

Nurse Blake

Host: Blake Lynch, RN

Description: Nurse Blake, with nearly 7 million YouTube channel views, posts humorous videos about nursing school and the nursing profession. He also has interviews with a variety of nurses, including nurses in forensic, ER and travel nursing.

YouTube Channel: Nurse Blake


Host: John Haws, RN

Description: John Haws and his team deliver educational nursing video content on topics like medications, nursing care plans and pharmacology. They also create exam content, including videos that feature nursing mnemonics and NCLEX tips.

YouTube Channel: NURSINGcom

Nurse Liz

Host: Liz, NP

Description: Liz is a family nurse practitioner, sharing videos on topics like how to become a nurse practitioner, what work as a nurse practitioner is like, advice on credentials to pursue and tips for nursing school students. Her channel has nearly 4 million views.

YouTube Channel: Nurse Liz

Nurse Mo TV

Host: Monique Doughty, RN

Description: Monique Doughty’s nursing YouTube channel has more than 300k views on videos featuring interviews with other nurses, empowerment workshops, her mission trips and tips on life as a nurse.

YouTube Channel: Nurse Mo TV

Nurse Nacole

Host: Nacole Riccaboni, RN

Description: Nurse Nacole has more than 2 million views on her channel, where she covers nursing topics like nursing school, what it’s like to be an acute care nurse practitioner and how nurses can stay motivated.  

YouTube Channel: Nurse Nacole

The Nurse Nook

Host: Alexis Nicole, RN

Description: Alexis Nicole is an emergency room pediatric nurse. Her channel has more than 10 million views and features content on topics like how to manage stress and anxiety, what she carries in her nurse work bag, how to maximize study time, and what to expect after nursing school.

YouTube Channel: The Nurse Nook


Host: Various

Description: Osmosis is a medical and health education platform providing nursing students and health professionals with engaging videos explaining complex medical topics. The channel has more than 84 million views.

YouTube Channel: Osmosis


Host: Sarah, BSN, RN

Description: Sarah graduated nursing school in 2009 and has more than 100 million views on her YouTube channel. Videos cover nursing fundamentals, NCLEX tips, nursing lectures, nursing career help and tips for new nurses.

YouTube Channel: RegisteredNurseRN


Host: Sarah, RN

Description: Sarah is an emergency room nurse who earned her bachelor’s degree of science in nursing through an accelerated program. She shares videos on NCLEX tips, nursing documentation and what nursing school is like. Her channel has more than 250k views.

YouTube Channel: SarahRN

Sean P Dent

Host: Sean P. Dent, MSN, ACNP-BC, CCRN

Description: Sean P. Dent is a nurse practitioner with more than 15 years of nursing experience. Dent has more than 1 million views on videos covering real-world nursing tips on topics like pre-shift preparation, the toughest parts of nursing and complex clinical cases.

YouTube Channel: Sean P Dent


Host: Keith Rischer, RN

Description: Keith Rischer, a practicing RN and Ph.D. candidate in Nursing Education and Administration, shares content to help nursing instructors become more effective teachers. The channel’s content has been viewed nearly 300k times and also includes case studies, tips for nurses, motivational content for nurses and content covering nursing values.

YouTube Channel: ThinkLikeANurse

tootRN, LLC.

Host: Jannah, RN

Description: Nurse Jannah, an RN specializing in pediatrics, shares NCLEX practice items and tips in her videos, which have more than 3 million views.

YouTube Channel: tootRN, LLC.

Watch YouTube to Grow as a Nurse

There are YouTube channels for all nurses. Videos from nurses on YouTube can teach you new things about nursing, motivate you when you need encouragement and expose you to nursing techniques that can help you be more successful. Subscribe to your favorite nursing YouTube channels to get regular content updates.

Information on this page was last updated in June 2021.