Professional Insight: 24 Nurse Blogs to Follow

The field of nursing is vast and diverse. Much can be learned from the experiences of nurses working at all levels of practice and across every specialty. This compilation of blogs related to the field of nursing can provide insight and helpful information for nurses and non-nurses alike. 

Table of Contents:
Professional Development Blogs for Nurses
Blogs for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
Blogs for Registered Nurses
Blogs for Registered Nurses Blogs for Nursing Specialties

Professional Development Blogs for Nurses

ANS: Advances in Nursing Science Blog
As the official blog of the Advances in Nursing Science journal, this website offers a forum for discussion on topics discussed in the publication. ANS’ content aims to “advance the development of nursing and to promote the integration of nursing philosophies, theories and research with practice.”

DailyNurse is “a nursing news, reviews and career site.” In addition to highlighting job openings and other resources for nurses, the website features a blog that addresses professional topics such as how to avoid nursing burnout, as well as trends in health care, like telemedicine.

Digital Doorway
This blog is written by Keith Carlson, RN, BSN, NC-BC, a nursing coach with over two decades of experience in health care. Content includes news, book reviews, career advice for nurses and personal commentary from Carlson.  

DiversityNursing Blog
DiversityNursing is an information resource, community and job board for nurses of all levels of experience and focuses on inclusion “regardless of age, race, gender, religion, education, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or physical characteristics.” The website’s blog section includes general interest posts about the nursing profession and current events related to health care.   

Healthy Workforce Institute
Healthy Workforce Institute was created by Dr. Renee Thompson, DNP, RN, CSP, who has experience as a nurse and nurse educator. The institute’s website includes a blog, which features content on topics related to managing relationships in nursing teams as well as general advice for nurses. 

Minority Nurse
This blog serves as a companion to Minority Nurse Magazine. The magazine and website provide “resources and information pertaining to education, career development, and minority health for the ever-increasing number of minority nurses in America.”

New Thing Nurse
This website was “created for veteran nurses, nursing students and those dreaming of being nurses who want to expand their horizons but are having trouble navigating their next step.” Posts include personal accounts from nurses taking new steps in their careers, as well as coverage of current events that affect the nursing practice.

NurseZone Blog
The NurseZone Blog is operated by American Mobile, a travel nursing company. Blog content includes a wide variety of topics for all nurses, such as how to handle the nursing shortage and the current state of the profession.

Off the Charts
As the official blog of the American Journal of Nursing (AJN), this website includes posts authored by working nurses and journal editors as well as policy leaders and patients, all of which highlight “what’s most interesting, troubling, important, and provocative in nursing and health care.”

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Blogs for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN)

The CRNA Chase
Kiki Mattress is a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) and the author of The CRNA Chase blog. “My journey to nurse anesthesia school was long and hard but eventually I made it,” Mattress explains in her About Me section. “My desire is to help others by sharing all that I have learned over the years to make the journey less bumpy.”

Nurse Barb
This blog is authored by Barb Dehn, RN, MS, NP, a practicing women’s health nurse practitioner. In her posts, she provides information on a wide range of medical topics as well as health tips and inspirational stories.

Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog
Jessica Chang, MS, CRNA, aims to give “insight into nurse anesthesia and nursing as a profession” through her personal blog. While she specializes as a CRNA, her content can be enjoyed by nurses of all levels and specialties.

This website is an online community that provides support for nurse practitioners from the beginning of their education and throughout their career. The blog features content for NP students, NPs and their employers.

Women’s Health Wisdom
This blog, published by the National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health (NPWH), is “designed to share thoughts, updates, and new opportunities related to women’s health policy, primary care, sexual health, pregnancy, preconception, postpartum issues, heart health, mental health, overactive bladder, and many other topics.” Posts are written by contributors within the organization. 

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Blogs for Registered Nurses (RNs)

Fresh RN
Founded by Kati Kleber, MSN, RN, CCRN-K, Fresh RN focuses on guiding new registered nurses (RNs) in their careers. Kleber was inspired to create this resource based on her education and professional experience.

“As I became a new nurse, I realized that there wasn’t a lot of information online to help nurses during their transition. I started to create the content I wished I had my senior year of nursing school through my first year on the job.”

– Kati Kleber, Fresh RN

Meta4RN, a “homophone that can be read as either ‘metaphor RN’ or ‘meta for RN’” is the title of this blog written by Paul McNamara, an RN, educator and social media enthusiast based in Australia. In his posts, McNamara discusses clinical supervision in nursing and his personal experiences in the field.

The Nerdy Nurse
Brittney Wilson is an RN who specializes in clinical informatics. Her blog, The Nerdy Nurse, features product reviews and information about technology, nursing education, careers and an assortment of other topics.

The Nursing Site
Written by Kathy Quan, RN, BSN, PHN, The Nursing Site covers news and developments in the nursing profession.

“Nursing is a lifelong learning experience. I try to produce content to help nurses learn or understand something new and have an appreciation for the fact that they make a difference in [their patients’] lives.”

– Kathy Quan, The Nursing Site

This website is dedicated to providing guidance to nursing students and RNs. Topics include general health, tips for preparing for the NCLEX and nursing career paths. The site includes additional resources, such as a job board and educational videos.

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Blogs for Nursing Specialties

Correctional Nurse
Correctional nurses work with vulnerable populations and experience unique challenges. This blog features multiple contributors working within the field. Topics covered include nursing trends, health literacy and other content related to working with patients who are incarcerated.

The Relentless School Nurse
Written by Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN, a practicing school nurse, this blog covers topics related to working as a school nurse, touting the mission to “be relentless in your practice.”

“I was very frustrated with the lack of understanding of what school nurses do and felt that we needed a space to share our stories.”

– Robin Cogan, The Relentless School Nurse

The Traveling Nurse
The Traveling Nurse is a blog authored by K Chandler Rosemont, a pediatric CVICU Registered Nurse. As a personal account of her experiences as a travel nurse, Rosemont’s posts give insight to her profession as well as some of the potential benefits of working in this type of role. Blog is an organization that “connects the top staffing agencies in the country with highly skilled nurses.” Their blog covers topics related to all things travel nursing, such as how contract jobs work, current trends in the demand for travel nurses and how to enter the profession.

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If you are interested in learning how to become a nurse but not sure where to start, you can learn more on how to become a nurse practitioner such as a family nurse practitioner or a specialty nurse such as a Registered Nurse (RN).