Nursing Toolbox

Whether you are interested in becoming a nurse or have already started your nursing career, it’s important to stay up to date on industry trends and changes in the field. If you are planning to become a licensed practice nurse (LPN)a registered nurse (RN), or an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), such as a nurse practitioner (NP), we have a plethora of resources available below. 

This toolbox covers a range of topics and answers a variety of questions that may help help nurses stay informed—everything from big-picture questions like “What does a day in the life of a nurse look like?” to detailed inquiries such as “What studies have been done on prescriptive authority for APRNs?”

Nursing Journals

You’re probably familiar with academic journals and how they impact your nursing degree and even career. While some require a membership or fee to read, we’ve found some that are available for anyone to review and study. Learn more about some of the top nursing journals.

YouTube Channels for Nurses

There are YouTube channels for just about everything. For nurses, it’s no different. Licensed nurses have channels where they share their days, offer insight into the profession, and give tips on time management. Learn more about some of the top YouTube channels for nurses.

Nurses on Twitter

Twitter is an easy way for nurses to connect and share information. The platform allows nurses to discuss current events in their field, share valuable resources, and chat with followers. Learn more about some of the top nurses on Twitter.

Professors to Know in Nursing

Professors play an important role in training and developing nurses. Following and staying current with leading professors who are dedicated to the field, submit studies and research for publication, and serve on the boards of nursing organizations and nonprofits can be invaluable. Learn more about the professors to know in nursing.

Podcasts for Nurses

Podcasts are steadily growing in popularity, and the long-form format of the medium allows listeners to get in-depth information on trends, professional tips and tricks, and career development. For nurses, this is no different, and they have started podcasts to share stories about their experience in the field. Learn more about podcasts to follow for nurses.

Information on this page was last updated in June 2020.