Podcasts for Nurses

Nursing is a busy, always-changing profession, and many nurses can find themselves struggling to stay aware of the latest innovations and trends. Finding time for professional development or continuing education can be difficult. 

Nursing podcasts can be a great way for nurses and nursing students to learn more about trends in the field, new research, personal perspectives and more. Listening during a commute or a break can be a strong way to build knowledge.

It can be challenging to find the best, most up-to-date nursing podcasts—fortunately, our list below can help.

Nursing Podcasts to Listen To

American Family Physician (AFP) Podcast 

Host(s): Various hosts

Description: AFP hosts cover key evidence-based learning points featured in each issue of the American Family Physician publication. Each episode includes brief summaries of articles and other features.

Where to Listen:

Website: AFP Podcast

Bedside Rounds

Host(s): Dr. Adam Rodman

Description: Bedside Rounds is a storytelling podcast about medical history and the intersection of medicine, culture and society. 

Where to Listen:

Website: Bedside Rounds

Good Nurse Bad Nurse 

Host(s): Tina Vinsant

Description: This show calls itself “one part lighthearted and fun, one part deep and thought provoking.” It is hosted by Tina Vinsant, a registered nurse at a Level I trauma center who uses true crime and hot-topic stories to educate and encourage nurses.

Where to Listen:

Website: Good Nurse Bad Nurse

Health Newsfeed – Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts 

Host(s): Elizabeth Tracey

Description: Johns Hopkins serves up a podcast about the latest in health and medical-related news, hosted by Elizabeth Tracey. It’s designed for people who want to be as informed as possible regarding health care.

Where to Listen:

Website: Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts

Instant Anatomy 

Host(s): Dr. Robert Whitaker

Description: Dr. Whitaker speaks to anyone seeking to learn more about the human anatomy, from doctors and nurses to medical students and the general public.

Where to Listen:

Website: Instant Anatomy

The Nurse Keith Show 

Host(s): Keith Carlson

Description: Keith Carlson is a nurse and nursing coach who offers weekly nursing career advice and information for nurses and other health care professionals.

Where to Listen:

Website: The Nurse Keith Show

The Nursing Podcast

Host(s): Jon Haws

Description: Nurse Jon Haws hosts a podcast for nursing students, covering tips, answering questions and interviewing thought leaders, entrepreneurs and authors.

Where to Listen:

Primary Care RAP (Reviews and Perspectives)

Host(s): Various hosts

Description: This podcast from Hippo Education offers the latest information in primary care and family medicine presented by top medical professionals.

Where to Listen:

Website: Primary Care Reviews and Perspectives

Real Talk School of Nursing 

Host(s): Michael Smith

Description: Real Talk School of Nursing host (and registered nurse) Michael Smith touches on topics about nursing school experiences and all that goes along with it. Guest content from nursing school listeners is encouraged.

Where to Listen:

SAGE Nursing and Other Health Specialties 

Host(s): Various hosts

Description: This podcast about nursing and other health specialties is produced by SAGE, a leading international publisher of books, journals and electronic media for academic, educational and professional markets.

Where to Listen:

Website: SAGE Publishing

This Week in Cardiology

Host(s): Dr. John Mandrola

Description: Dr. Mandrola offers summaries and perspectives on top news of the week that cardiologists can’t miss.

Where to Listen:

Travel Nurse Insiders 

Host(s): Mark Holloway

Description: Mark Holloway speaks on the travel nurse specialty, including jobs and issues a travel nurse may face. 

Where to Listen:

Website: Meridian Medical Staffing 

Information on this page was last updated in June 2021.