2021 Mental Health Resource List

Taking care of mind, body and spirit has become even more crucial than usual in 2021. Multiple stressors born in times of crisis can reveal how important it is to prioritize one’s own well-being. Here is a comprehensive list of resources and tools — culled from colleges and other organizations — for anyone hoping to improve their mental health.


Good quality sleep can benefit health and wellbeing by reducing stress, lessening irritability, and supporting better learning and recall.  

The American Institute of Stress
The American Institute of Stress describes the connection between anxiety and insomnia and advises readers on managing stress to sleep better.

Mayo Clinic — Adult Health
The Adult Health division at Mayo Clinic offers tips on how to sleep well every night.

Patient Safety Network
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Patient Safety Network offers insight on the effects of sleep deprivation on health care providers, particularly those working night shifts.

National Sleep Foundation
The National Sleep Foundation suggests 11 healthy practices for better sleep hygiene.

World Sleep Society
The World Sleep Society, a group of sleep researchers and health professionals, answers commonly asked questions about sleep.

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Healthy movement can offer an outlet for stressed health care providers to release built-up tension and improve mood.

Fitness Blender
Fitness Blender offers free videos on healthy living, exercise routines and dealing with everyday stress.

The Yoga Collective
The Yoga Collective offers an online library of yoga and wellness classes, as well as articles on healthier living.

Appropriate for children and adults, DoYogaWithMe offers yoga videos for various health issues and age groups. The site also provides healthy lifestyle tips.

Women’sHealth compiled a list of 36 videos on YouTube of Pilates routines that people can do at home.

Group HIIT
Group HIIT offers free at-home workout videos that can be viewed while simultaneously listening to music.

For 33 cents per day, SWEAT offers at-home workout videos to help relieve stress through healthy exercise.

LES MILLS offers an online library of high-intensity interval training videos, including cardiovascular workouts.

Alo Moves
Alo Moves offers free introductory classes, including yoga, flexibility and meditation, to target a variety of health issues.

Aaptiv explores daily exercises that help working nurses build the strength required to provide physical patient care.

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Healthy Eating

Good nutrition supports health care providers’ overall health and can even give a boost to their immune systems.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
The USDA’s Nutrition.gov site offers resources for heathy living, including guidance on shopping for groceries, planning balanced meals and understanding the science of nutrition.

UCLA’s ExploreIM
A site created by the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, ExploreIM offers advice on building healthy meals, living well and reducing stress.

MyFitnessPal offers people ways to maintain healthy lifestyles by logging their meals and snacks.

HealthyOut is a mobile app that allows you to track your meals, nutrition and weight while ordering healthy meals on the go.

Innit by Shopwell allows users to create a profile and tailor their food choices based on their needs and lifestyle. The site also features recipes and guides to good nutrition and grocery shopping. 

Ate is a “mindful food diary” app that lets users track the food they eat, their hunger levels and any emotions experienced at mealtime.

Recovery Warriors
Recovery Warriors’ RiseUp app supports people in recovery from eating disorders by allowing them to log their meals, emotions and behaviors throughout the day. Users can export PDF summaries of these logs to their treatment team.

Home Chef
Home Chef helps users customize their meal plans, organize food options and plan affordable but healthy meals.

Blue Apron
Blue Apron is a meal-planning service that allows users to order chef-designed recipes that they can prepare at home.

Hello Fresh
Hello Fresh is a meal kit delivery service allowing users to select the meals they want each week and receive the ingredients by mail to cook at home.

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Counseling and Support

Seeking assistance from community groups or mental health professionals can offer relief and comfort. For health care providers, visiting a professional who has experience working with health workers may be especially beneficial.

BetterHelp is a site that helps users find a mental health provider based on their needs for individuals, couples or teenage children.

Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions
Centre for Interactive Mental Health Solutions is an online therapy service for people experiencing depression and similar mental health issues.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers phone numbers and resources for individuals in distress, as well as prevention and crisis resources.

Crisis Text Line
Crisis Text Line enables users to send a text and connect with a crisis counselor.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is a free resource for individuals to receive help and referrals to mental health providers.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
The Online Intergroup of AA offers resources and information on anonymous support groups both in person and online.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) offers a list of organizations and helplines for various mental health concerns, including anxiety, schizophrenia and suicide prevention. The site also includes resources for financial assistance, legal advocacy and community support.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
The VA offers PTSD Coach, an app that provides individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with resources on getting the help they need.

Anxiety and Depression Association of America
Anxiety and Depression Association of America is a nonprofit organization that supports providers and communities in preventing and treating depression.

HealGrief offers programs and various resources for those suffering from grief and depression caused by grief.

Sidran Institute
Sidran’s Help Desk, run by The Sidran Institute Traumatic Stress Education & Advocacy, connects individuals with a Trauma Resource Specialist who can help them find nearby mental health providers, treatment centers and support groups.

The Center for Complicated Grief
The Center for Complicated Grief offers training programs for those experiencing complicated grief, a persistent form of intense grief.

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Practicing mindfulness can lessen anxiety and help health care providers focus on the present moment, rather than future worries or past experiences.

Headspace is a site that offers valuable information on how to reduce stress, be more active and sleep better.

Calm is an app that offers various resources on sleeping, meditating and relaxing successfully.

Insight Timer
Insight Timer is an app that offers helpful information on how to get a good night’s sleep and avoid stress and anxiety.

Worry Watch
Worry Watch is an app that allows users to record their worries and get possible solutions or evidence that the concern is validated.

Happify provides users with programs and tools to get through stressful situations.

Positive Magazine
Positive Magazine created a Spotify playlist of guided meditations designed to help with stress and anxiety.

Spotify Nature Sounds
This Spotify library offers a series of playlists of nature sounds, such as “Meditative Gentle Rain and Distant Thunder.”

Sleep and Relax ASMR
This podcast hosted on Spotify is designed to help listeners wind down through autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a deeply relaxing audio experience. 

The app Aura helps individuals who are dealing with emotional issues and becoming their best selves.

Breethe is an app that shows listeners ways to replace stressful thoughts with relaxing and happy thoughts.

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When consumed in moderation, music, art, movies and television can offer levity during difficult times.

Musée du Louvre
The Musée du Louvre offers online tours of the museum including its many exhibits and art education resources.

Musée D’Orsay
The Musée D’Orsay offers interested viewers an online tour of this popular museum.

The Met
The Met 360° Project posts videos that tour the museum and allow patrons to enjoy the art and exhibits from afar.

Georgia Aquarium
For those at home, the Georgia Aquarium enables users to experience the aquarium’s exhibits through virtual reality.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac
The Old Farmer’s Almanac offers a vegetable gardening guide, as well as educational articles about growing food, learning astronomy and more.

GrowVeg’s Gardening Guides help people start growing and maintaining a personal vegetable garden.

Parade offers 23 suggestions of online games to play with friends from a distance.

Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair offers more than 30 book recommendations to help pass the time and engage with others’ experiences and fictional worlds.

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Positive Attitude

Maintaining positivity can help health care providers cope with challenging situations and redirect negative or irrational thought patterns.

Mayo Clinic — Healthy Lifestyle
The Mayo Clinic offers various stress management tips and ways to stop negative self-talk.

WhenIWork published a blog post with various tips on keeping a positive attitude when at work.

MindTools offers articles, projects and tutorials on rational thinking, time management and developing leadership skills.

HubSpot suggests 10 ways to maintain a daily positive attitude even in stressful situations.

Lifehack offers empowering mantras that can help individuals step into their days with confidence and positivity, including “You determine your reality” and “Your language shapes your thoughts.”  

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Last Updated: January 11, 2021