Nurses To Follow On Twitter

Nurses To Follow On Twitter

Nursing is an ever-changing field, and using Twitter is one of the best ways to keep up with new developments. To help you fill your feed with more information about nursing that’s relevant to you, we’ve gathered together ten of our favorite Twitter accounts that cover all aspects of nursing. Learn about news events and new technology, or get support from other nurses by hearing their stories. Building an online community of nurses across the country is a great way to celebrate National Nurses Week.

Nurse Keith is a registered nurse, life coach for nurses, and professional blogger. He maintains, as well as his award-winning personal blog Digital Doorway. In his coaching work, he advises nurses on how to avoid burnout and get the most out of their work.

Terri Schmitt tweets about the impact of nursing on health care. She has been a nurse practitioner in almost every department there is (from her site: “and I mean everything, travel nursing, ICU work, flight nursing, pediatrics, school nursing, urgent care, nursing educator ASN level and BSN level, asthma educator, diabetes clinic, Lamaze instructor….. you get the picture” ) and blogs at

Brittney Wilson, aka “The Nerdy Nurse” is a clinical informatics specialist at a Georgia hospital who advocates for greater use of technology in health care. She is a self-proclaimed tech nerd and often writes about technology trends and health care issues on her blog.

Registered nurse Andrew Lopez runs a website called that reviews online resources for nurses. The site specializes  in resources for diabetes, cancer, and cardiac problems.

Donna Petko is a registered nurse and clinical coordinator, as well as a student pursuing her MSN/FNP. She tweets about nursing and contemporary issues in health care and education.

Phil Baumann is a social media expert with a special interest in how emerging social technologies affect the health care industry. He blogs about that and other topics at Health is Social.

Matthew Browning is the founder of, a service that allows patients to contact and schedule a nurse online. He is an RN, MSN and FNP in addition to being a CEO, and tweets about “health care 2.0” and other intersections of health, technology and business.

Joni Watson is an oncology nurse who also has an MBA. She tweets about her various interests, including nursing, running, books, and more. She blogs at Nursetopia, where she recently designed a great series of “Thank You” cards for nurses.

Kim McCallister is an emergency room nurse who has blogged about her experiences for over six years atEmergiblog. She writes about national issues facing nurses, life in the ER, and even throws in some  fan posts about the NFL and NASCAR.

Gina Rybolt is an intensive care nurse from the San Francisco area. Her website Codeblog focuses on personal stories of the medical world, featuring everyone from nurses to doctors and volunteers.