family Nurse Practitioner Salary

Family nurse practitioners (FNPs) conduct physical examinations, diagnose common health problems, counsel patients, and provide treatment. FNPs are qualified to order tests, analyze test results, and recommend courses of treatment. FNPs also assist physicians during surgery and complex medical procedures.

Family Nurse Practitioner Salary

Family nurse practitioners are well compensated on average, even in entry level positions. According to a report from July 2012, the national FNP salary range is $60,934 to $96,582. In addition to a salary, many FNPs also receive annual bonuses. FNPs may also receive additional compensation, such as profit sharing, which averages between $100 and $19,866. Total salary and benefits place the average annual compensation for FNPs from $63,105 to $104,558.
A wide variety of factors influence family nurse practitioner salary, including education and training, areas of specialization, geographic location, and type of employer.

Family Nurse Practitioner Benefits

Additional job benefits received by family nurse practitioners include medical (received by 71 percent of FNPs), dental (received by 56 percent), and vision (received by 39 percent). Most FNPs also received between two and three weeks of paid vacation, depending on years of experience. Benefits also may include 401k or 403b savings plans, education reimbursement, life and/or disability insurance, and malpractice insurance.

FNP Salary by Certification

Certifications earned by an FNP can have a direct impact on salary. These are some salary range samples for common FNP certifications, as reported by PayScale:

  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse-Board Certified (APRN-BC): $63,895 – $101,706
  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP): $62,147 ‒ $97,209
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC): $64,666 – $97,965
  • Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (CFNP): $60,641 – $101,636

FNP Salary by Years of Experience

Most nurse practitioners have previously worked as nurses in hospitals and other health care facilities. About 68 percent of FNPs have between one and nine years of experience; compensation generally increases as they gain experience in their profession. The averages below show expected growth in FNP salaries based on years of experience.

  • Less than 1 year: $59,972 – $86,302
  • 1-4 years: $60,120 – $92.681
  • 5-9 years: $60,930 – $96,965
  • 10-19 year: $62,804 – $102,593
  • 20+ years: $65,330 – $111,306

FNP Salary Sample by State

Salaries for FNPs vary by state. In general, East Coast and West Coast states pay higher than Midwestern states, though the higher cost of living along the coasts might equalize any salary differences. The following salary ranges are provided as a sample of salary differences across several states:

  • California: $68,956 – $109,349
  • Texas: $65,355 – $98,433
  • North Carolina: $63,108 – $94,532
  • New York: $61,778 – $105,875
  • Florida: $61,118 – $92,569
  • Georgia: $58,982 – $93,107
  • Tennessee: $53,045 –$93,480

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