Online nurse practitioner programs are great options for those looking to pursue high level careers by advancing their education and becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses that fall into different categories with a specific focus and purpose. Some examples of nurse practitioners include: a family nurse practitioner, a neonatal nurse practitioner, a gerontological nurse practitioner, and a psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner.

While requirements vary by state, generally in order to become a nurse practitioner, one must hold both a Masters in Nursing degree and a license from an approved licensing body. Nurse practitioners enjoy the benefit of working with patients directly by diagnosing and treating illnesses. They also enjoy a higher nursing salary than Registered Nurses earn on average.

There are several paths to becoming a Nurse Practitioner. While many pursuing a Masters in Nursing are often working as Registered Nurse, an online nurse practitioner program offers flexible and coursework. For this reason, many nursing professionals prefer the option of the fulfilling their credits online. Regardless of their geographic affiliation, nursing professionals are able to attend the degree program of their choice online, instead of having to choose the classroom program closest to home. Many university programs allow their student to combine their coursework with clinical experience and gain on hands-on nursing experience. An online nurse practitioner program is a fascinating and lucrative option for those looking to supplement their nursing education and advance their career.

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