Free Online Nursing Journals

Free Online Nursing Journals

Whether you are currently in nursing school and conducting research for a paper or already working as a nurse and looking to stay abreast of professional developments, nursing journals should be required reading. Unfortunately, subscribing to and reading too many journals can be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming. In recent years, many of these journals have become available online but still require paid access or viewing through a subscribed school or library. The good news is that the following online nursing journals are free to read and download:

The American Nurse
The American Nurse is published by the American Nurses Association and has more of a “magazine feel” as it covers news items of interest to nurses and employs a more conversational tone. It examines the lives of nurses in different situations, such as on deployment or in a corrections institution, while still delivering information on practice guidelines for nurses of all kinds. The American Nurses Association’s news and recent happenings are also included as part of the publication.

The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
Also published by the American Nurses Association, this is a peer-reviewed journal primarily concerned with nursing research, education and practice issues. Although the most current issue of OJIN is only available to paying members of the association, previous issues are available for free without registration to anyone visiting the website. These include in-depth well-researched articles by nurses who are experts in their fields and cover topics like obesity, delegation and

Morbidity and Mortality Rounds on the Web
The Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality has created this special online nursing journal that explores case studies. Any healthcare provider can submit a case to be examined by the community and used as a teaching tool for the learning benefit of their. Many doctors are familiar with “M and M” rounds at their hospitals, but nurses are not usually subject to these experiences. Morbidity and Mortality Rounds on the Web allows nurses to learn from others’ experience for free from the convenience of a computer.

The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice
This is peer-reviewed nursing journal is part of a group of publications made available online through the portal Internet Scientific Publications. The Internet Journal of Advanced Nursing Practice provides original research studies by nursing experts, examining such recent topics as warfarin therapy, appetite stimulants in long-term care and studies of the role of nurses in treating diabetes. It also provides reviews of studies and case reports. Issues of the publication from the last decade are available for viewing.

BioMed Central Nursing
This nursing journal takes the idea of open-access scientific research very seriously and aims to enhance the quality of nursing care by making available free peer-reviewed research-based articles. It provides readers with high-quality original research articles on everything from managing a caregiver’s stress following a cancer diagnosis to how to successfully implement guidelines changes on the nursing floor.