There are many levels of nursing careers and even more specialties amongst the different general categories of nursing. Nursing careers can range from unlicensed assistive personnel, which is simply blanket terminology for assistive healthcare personnel who do not hold a license, to Advanced Practice Nurses who hold a Master of Science in Nursing or a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. Additionally, there are several levels of nursing careers in between these two extremes including the licensed practical nurse (LPN) and the registered nurse (RN).

Advancing your nursing career from one level to the next can be an intimidating and time consuming endeavor, but in the end it’s usually worth it. Highly educated and highly skilled nurses are able to exercise a higher level of autonomy, offer a greater degree of care to patients, and enjoy higher nursing salaries and a greater demand for their work. If you’re worried about the costs associated with advancing your nursing career, there are many nursing financial aid opportunities to help you in reach your goals.