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Nursing License Map is a free resource for everyone and focuses on those interested in advancing their nursing careers. We offer state-by-state information on different levels of nursing licensure as well as pertinent nursing salary information.

We’re happy to make all information you come across on Nursing License Map freely available for you to use, print, and share. We only ask that if you share information digitally that you credit us with the following link: Information Courtesy of Nursing License Map. This link points to the general homepage, but please credit the specific page from which you found your information.

All licensure information is based upon individual State Boards of Nursing. Since nursing licensure information is subject to change, we highly recommend that you crosscheck our information with your own State Board of Nursing before making any decisions.

State-by-state salary data is taken from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics and reflects their latest wages and earnings survey (2012). Additional salary information for specialty nursing areas was taken from

Nursing License Map is meant to be a great resource for everyone in the nursing field, and we regularly add and updatie the information you find here.  The nursing field is a dynamic one, and we’d love to hear comments, suggestions, and feedback related to improvement. You can get in touch with us by clicking on the link in the comment box to the right.