Women’s health nurse practitioners (WHNP) provide a wide variety of gynecologic and obstetric services to women of all ages. WHNPs are registered nurses who have completed a nurse practitioner master’s program with an emphasis on women’s health. These nurse practitioners (NPs) will typically work in a clinic, health department, or private practice setting, and can evaluate and treat patients in the hospital as well. WHNPs practice with a high level of autonomy. Depending on location, they may work with or without a supervising physician, and may assess, diagnose, order tests, and prescribe medications for their patients.

Women’s health nurse practitioner salaries are higher than RNs without a Master’s in Nursing. Average women’s health nurse practitioner salaries range between $60,000 and $90,000 per year and will vary depending on years of experience, geographic location where the NP is practicing, clinical setting, and any additional certifications.

WHNPs should be prepared to take a national certification examination. While the certification is required in only about half of U.S. states, being certified may bring higher pay and support the NP’s dedication to quality patient care and continuing education. The Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner exam is administered by the National Certification Corporation.

The job outlook for women’s health nurse practitioners is positive. Many healthcare facilities recognize the extensive clinical experience NPs bring to women’s care at a cost significantly lower than full-time physicians, and offer lucrative benefits and bonus packages to attract qualified candidates.