Minnesota Nursing License

Important Note: Nursing licensure and practice requirements are subject to change. Nursing License Map makes its best effort to keep content accurate; however, the official source is the State Board of Nursing. Make sure to confirm licensing requirements with the Minnesota State Board of Nursingbefore applying for licensure or renewal. Last updated: 9/6/2013

Minnesota Nursing Salary Average

Licensed Nursing AssistantLicensed Practical NurseRegistered NurseAdvanced Practice Registered Nurse $26,730$38,840$72,760 >$80,000* *The Salary of an advanced practice nurse in Minnesota can vary widely based upon specialization. Learn more about Minnesota nursing salary.

Minnesota Nursing Scholarships

Below, find opportunities for nursing scholarships in Minnesota. Click on the nursing scholarship’s name to learn more. For additional nursing financial aid options take a look at our nursing scholarships and grants page.

Nursing Scholarships in MinnesotaScholarship AmountMinnesota State Loan Repayment ProgramUp to $20,000/year PIn order to receive loan repayment, a provider must practice a minimum of two years at an approved facility located in a designated Health Professional Shortage Area Rural Mid-level Practitioner Loan Forgiveness Program$6,750 for up to 4 years The participant must complete a minimum of three years of service in a Minnesota rural area that shall begin no later than March following completion of their midlevel practitioner educational program. Minnesota Nurse Loan Forgiveness Program$3,750 for up to 4 years Selected participants are eligible for up to four years of loan forgiveness. For each year that a participant serves as a RN or LPN in a Minnesota nursing home or ICFMR for an average of 30 hours per week, the ORHPC will pay directly to the participant an annual lump sum of $3,750.

Learn about more financial aid options for nurses on our nursing scholarships and grants page.

Is Minnesota a Nursing Licensure Compact State?No
Nursing License

There are many paths to become a nurse in Minnesota. The path you take will mostly depend upon the type of nurse you’d like to become and your current or prospective level of education. The higher your level of education, the more opportunities you’ll have to choose where and how you pursue your career in nursing.

In addition to nursing salaries in Minnesota, you’ll find information on acquiring and maintaining several types of Minnesota nursing licensure. We’re constantly making updates, but with the speed of change in the healthcare sphere it’s difficult to stay current. If you have any comments or suggestions for our information on nursing in Minnesota, please let us know!

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Minnesota Nursing Licensure Renewal

License renewal is required through the Minnesota Board of Nursing every two years. Education requirements include completion of 24 contact hours of board-approved continuing education per renewal period. Any national certifications held must be maintained per the requirements of each certifying body. The renewal fee per renewal period is $93.50 for registered nurses (R.N.’s), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and advanced practice registered nurses (APRN), with an additional e-licensing surcharge of 10 percent.